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The 5 Pillars

of Montessori

At Akira Montessori House, our curriculum is designed to comprehensively encompass the core principles of Montessori education, preparing your child for the transition to formal schooling. The curriculum is built upon five foundational pillars, each placing a strong emphasis on hands-on learning activities. These activities are creatively and engagingly structured to promote enriching experiences and foster a spirit of discovery.

In addition to the five Montessori Subjects, we also expose children to a diverse range of other subjects. This ensures that they develop well-rounded skills and knowledge, equipping them for success in formal schooling and beyond. Our holistic approach aims to nurture the whole child, fostering their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

Practical Life Skills

Everyday activities like pouring water from a jug, spooning pasta or buttoning are introduced to your child, developing his / her gross and fine motor skills, confidence, focus and self-control as well as key social skills. Nurturing Essential Skills through Everyday Activities At Akira Montessori, we recognize the importance of everyday activities in fostering your child's development. Simple tasks like pouring water, spooning pasta, or buttoning are intentionally introduced to promote the growth of essential skills. These activities play a vital role in developing your child's gross and fine motor skills, enhancing their coordination and dexterity. Engaging in these tasks also builds their confidence, focus, and self-control as they master new abilities. Additionally, these activities provide valuable opportunities for your child to practice key social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and taking turns. By integrating everyday activities into our curriculum, we create a holistic learning environment where your child can flourish and acquire vital life skills that will benefit them in various aspects of their life journey.

Sensorial Exercises

Sensorial exercises are designed to engage the five senses and focus on imbuing each child with awareness as they learn about different shapes, sizes and the ability to perceive differences, compare and estimate, which form a strong foundation for Mathematics. Developing Sensorial Awareness for Mathematical Foundations. At Akira Montessori, we place a strong emphasis on sensorial exercises that engage all five senses. These purposefully designed activities enable each child to cultivate a heightened sense of awareness while exploring various shapes, sizes, and perceptual differences. Through these sensorial exercises, children develop essential skills that form a solid foundation for mathematics. They learn to perceive differences, make comparisons, and estimate quantities, honing their abilities to observe and analyze numerical concepts. This hands-on exploration of the senses not only stimulates their curiosity but also enhances their cognitive development. By incorporating sensorial experiences into our curriculum, we foster a deep understanding of mathematical principles and provide children with the tools they need to excel in this fundamental aspect of their education.


Phonics and early grammar are introduced through Montessori tools and activities like sandpaper letters to encourage your child to associate auditory, tactile and visual input, resulting in a strong foundation in literacy. Building a Strong Foundation in Literacy through Multisensory Language Learning. At Akira Montessori, we recognize the importance of language development in early childhood education. To facilitate the acquisition of phonics and early grammar, we employ a variety of Montessori tools and activities, such as sandpaper letters. These tactile materials engage your child's senses by providing auditory, tactile, and visual input simultaneously. By integrating these sensory experiences, we create a powerful learning environment that promotes a deep and lasting understanding of language concepts. This multisensory approach lays a solid foundation in literacy, enabling your child to associate sounds with symbols, develop phonetic awareness, and grasp essential grammatical structures. Through these carefully curated language activities, we aim to foster a love for reading and writing while equipping your child with the necessary skills to communicate effectively.


Our children first learn addition and subtraction through tangible Montessori apparatus they can feel and grasp, like the Number Rods and Golden Beads, before graduating to more complex, abstract calculations, preparing them for formal schooling. Exploring Mathematics with Hands-On Montessori Materials At Akira Montessori, we believe in providing children with concrete experiences to develop a strong understanding of mathematics. Our curriculum introduces addition and subtraction using tangible Montessori apparatus, such as the Number Rods and Golden Beads, which children can physically manipulate and comprehend. By engaging with these hands-on materials, children gain a tactile and visual understanding of mathematical concepts. They learn to physically count, visualize quantities, and grasp fundamental operations before progressing to more complex and abstract calculations. This sequential approach prepares them for a smooth transition to formal schooling, equipped with a solid foundation in mathematics. Through our Montessori-based mathematics curriculum, we aim to foster a deep love and comprehension of numbers, arithmetic, and problem-solving. By engaging children in meaningful and interactive mathematical experiences, we empower them to confidently explore and excel in the world of mathematics.

Culture Studies

Here, we expose our children to a broad spectrum of experiences and topics including Science, History, Botany and General Knowledge and engage them in age-appropriate discussions to keep them informed about the world, and teach them to love, respect and care for it. Exploring the World through Culture Studies At Akira Montessori, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who are knowledgeable about the world around them. Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of topics, including science, history, botany, and general knowledge, through our Culture Studies program. Through age-appropriate discussions and interactive experiences, we expose our children to a broad spectrum of information and experiences. Our goal is to keep them informed about the world and instill in them a love, respect, and care for it. By immersing children in diverse cultural studies, we expand their horizons and cultivate a sense of curiosity and appreciation for different aspects of life. We aim to foster a global perspective, promoting empathy, understanding, and respect for people from all walks of life. Through our Culture Studies program, we empower children to become informed and engaged citizens of the world, equipped with the knowledge and values needed to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

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