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How are we Different?

At Akira, our educators are not only dedicated but also deeply compassionate, ensuring that they meet your child's unique needs through personalised and experiential teaching methods. We prioritize a strong partnership with parents, fostering open communication and collaboration.

Our educators diligently observe, monitor, and evaluate your child's progress on a daily basis. This allows us to provide tailored support and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal growth and development.

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Personalized Learning Journey

At Akira Montessori, we prioritise the individualised learning journey of each child. We foster an environment where children have the freedom to explore and understand concepts of language, mathematics, and beyond at their own unique pace. We believe in nurturing their interests and providing them with the opportunity to learn and grow at their own rhythm.

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Optimal Teacher-Child Ratio

At Akira Montessori, we maintain teacher-child ratios that exceed industry standards, guaranteeing your child receives individualised attention and guidance. With our low ratios, we can focus on your child's specific learning goals and provide personalised support to ensure their progress. To further enhance our commitment to individualised learning, we have dedicated curriculum specialists who collaborate with our educators. Together, they develop comprehensive lesson plans that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child. This ongoing monitoring, adaptation, and refinement of teaching strategies allow us to continuously optimise your child's learning experience.

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Strong Parent Communication

At Akira Montessori, we highly value the importance of parent involvement and open communication. Our educators make it a priority to set aside dedicated time to ensure parents are consistently well-informed about their child's learning journey at school. We believe that a strong partnership between parents and educators is vital for the holistic development of each child. Through regular updates, discussions, and sharing of insights, we strive to keep parents actively engaged in their child's education. Together, we can work collaboratively to support and enhance the learning experience both at home and in the classroom.

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Thoughtfully Crafted Learning Environment

At Akira Montessori, we understand the significance of a purposefully-designed learning environment. Central to the Montessori philosophy is the aesthetic appeal and accessibility of the learning materials. With great care and consideration, we have curated learning spaces that are specifically tailored to be viewed from a child's perspective. Our classrooms are thoughtfully arranged, with materials arranged attractively and strategically placed within easy reach of children. This intentional setup motivates and encourages children to actively explore, interact, and learn independently. By fostering an environment that invites curiosity and engagement, we empower children to take ownership of their learning journey.

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