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Security Policy

We ensure the safety of your personal information.

Is it safe to use UPI, Net-banking or my cards?
Yes, all payments are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways. We uses encryption technology to protect your information while securely transmitting it to the Banks for processing the payment.
A 3D Secure password is also required by the banks which acts as additional security for your card transaction. 3D Secure passwords are not printed anywhere and is known only to you, giving you the assurance that only you can use your card to make purchases.

Does we store your banking information?
We do not store any credit card or debit card information on our site. 
When it is time to make a payment, we hand over control to the intermediary and they do all the heavy lifting and just let us know if the payment was successful or not. Payment details like your card number etc are all handled by the payment processor and the bank.

With these in mind, we ensure that your data is safe.

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