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At Akira Montessori, we firmly believe in honoring each child's unique learning journey. To achieve this, we have meticulously crafted a curriculum that caters to the individual needs of every student. Following the esteemed philosophy of Maria Montessori, our approach embraces hands-on learning and personalized instruction. By employing concrete to abstract methods in both Phonics and Mathematics, we foster a comprehensive learning experience.

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Akira Montessori is truly a home away from home.

Our environment is thoughtfully designed to complement the children's activities and inspire their active participation. Equipped with top-notch resources, our classrooms are always prepared to facilitate a child's exploration and self-expression. We maintain an open-door communication policy, fostering a strong partnership between parents and the school. With our dedicated team of principals and teachers, Akira Montessori is unwavering in our commitment to prepare each child with the necessary education and life skills for primary school and beyond.

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